6 Fall activities to do with your pup

6 Fall activities to do with your pup

6 Fall activities to do with your pup

The hot summer days are behind us. Now, the crisp fall weather has moved in. The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping, and the beautiful autumn colors are taking over.

The excitement of the new season brings on the desire to jump into everything fall (including the piles of fallen leaves).

The pleasures of fall call for more time spent out outside, and of course festive fall activities. What better way to enjoy those festivities than with your favorite four-legged friend.

It’s time to prepare your fall activity bucket list with your dog. If you need ideas on what to do, here are 6 fun Fall activities that only the best dog moms do with their pups:

1. Visit a dog friendly apple orchard

Visit a dog friendly apple orchard
Enjoy a nice crisp autumn day picking out delicious apple treats with your favorite doggo. Your pup will love the extra exercise wandering around the orchard hand picking apples to take home. Apples are even safe to share with your pup. Just be sure that your dog doesn’t ingest the seeds or the core of the apple. This adventure even doubles as a great photo opportunity!

2. Go on a Starbucks run for a puppuccino

Go on a Starbucks run for a puppuccino
Picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day with 65 degree weather. You’ve got your windows down cruising while your pup is hanging out of your back window. What’s your first pitstop? Starbucks of course! Let’s be honest. This is a fun activity to do year round, but the seasonal flavors are the best! Treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte while your pup drools over a puppuccino. The sight of your dog licking up the whip cream always makes for the best Instagram story or post for your feed.

3. Have a snuggle fest & movie marathon

Have a snuggle fest & movie marathon
Sometimes the best way to spend a chilly day is at home cozied up on the couch. Sundays in the fall are a great time for a Halloween movie marathon and of course lots of snuggles. I mean who wouldn’t want a reason to cuddle up next to their furchild? Fire up your Netflix or Hulu and find the spookiest film you can find. Also, don’t forget snacks! Pop some popcorn or grab your favorite sweet treat. To really set the scene, grab your favorite soft blanket, light a fall scented candle, and prepare to spend the day feeling lazy on your couch.

4. Take Fall photos in coordinating outfits

Take Fall photos in coordinating outfits
There’s no denying that orange, red, and yellow leaves make for the most beautiful backdrop in photos. It’s why fall is one of the most popular times of year for family portraits to be taken. Before you get the camera out, make sure you have the perfect fall attire on. Rummage through your wardrobe for any fall colored tops, dresses, or even a seasonal embroidered tee. To spice up your photoshoot attire even more, make sure you coordinate your outfit with your pup. Finding a fall patterned dog bandana to match your outfit is a great way to accomplish that.

5. Bake something pumpkin flavored

Bake something pumpkin flavored
There’s something about fall that brings out the desire to become a professional baker, and fall calls for everything pumpkin flavored. Get out your phone and do a deep dive search into all the recipes on Pinterest. Once you find something that makes your dog drool (and you), it’s time to fire up the oven. Have your dog help you in the kitchen to stir up that delicious and dog-friendly treat for both of you to enjoy.

6. Take your pup to a pumpkin patch

Take your pup to a pumpkin patch
Have your pup go on a ‘sniffari’ to find the perfect pumpkin. Taking a trip to a pumpkin patch is a super fun fall outdoor activity to do with your dog. Make sure you pack water, poop bags, and of course your fall themed dog bandanas! Have a fall photoshoot and snap the cutest pictures of your pup surrounded by all the pumpkins, and of course they’ll be the cutest pumpkin in the patch!