New Coffee Brand For Dog Lovers

New Coffee Brand For Dog Lovers

New Coffee Brand For Dog Lovers

As an ultimate dog mom, it’s important to have your daily fuel. It wakes you up, boosts your energy, and most importantly brings you pure happiness. 

That’s why we decided to start a new adventure with our friend Erin to create a coffee brand for dog moms. The new coffee brand officially launches on November 3rd. 

Happy Golden Beans will have three different organic coffee bean flavors, plus several coffee lover merchandise including apparel and coffee accessories.

This coffee brand was created especially for dog lovers to stay energized, motivated, and happy through every carefully brewed cup. 

The Certified Fair Trade and USDA Organic coffee is roasted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida by Amavida Coffee.

The coffee flavors include light, medium, and dark roasts. You have the option to choose between ground or whole beans packaged in 12 oz recyclable bags. Even if you have a Keurig you can still enjoy our coffee with a reusable k-cup.  

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the flavor that suits your taste, and start fueling your dog mom life with Happy Golden Beans. Shop now at

Happy Golden Beans Roasts 

Gulf Coast Roast - Light Roast

Start off your morning beach adventure with your puppy barista sipping on this light roast coffee. Taste the gently fruit forward coffee blend with its delicate sweetness. This is a great option for people newer to coffee, or those that don't want a super intense coffee taste. 

Happy Golden Paws Coffee - Medium Roast

There’s nothing sweeter than happy Goldens to start your morning as a dog mom. This medium roast coffee is an organic blend with hints of sweetness and creaminess in its brew. We recommend this to people who regularly drink coffee and enjoy creamer in their coffee. This roast is not too subtle, but also not too strong. 

Wandering Tails Coffee - Dark Roast

Start your dog mom adventures with a freshly brewed cup of our dark roast blend. This organic coffee has intense smoky flavors of traditional dark roasts. If you love to make cold brew or espresso then this is the blend for you. This roast will have the consistent flavor you're looking for in your strong cup of coffee. 

Happy Golden Coffee Bundle 

Since you're new to our coffee brand, you might want to try all three of our roasts. This bundle will include our light, medium, and dark roasts. You can brew whichever flavor you desire depending on your mood for that day. 

Answering Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Happy Golden Beans differ from other coffee brands?

We provide customers with Certified FairTrade and USDA Organic coffee. That means that our coffee is clean and healthy.

What if I have a Keurig?

No worries! We offer 12 oz bags of either ground or whole bean coffee. So, if you have a reusable k-cup you can use our ground coffee.

How long does the coffee stay good? 

Our coffee has a shelf life for 3 months. That isn't a concrete rule, but it's harder to guarantee  freshness once you go past that date. 

Where is your coffee made? 

We have a partnership with Erin’s favorite local coffee brand, Amavida Coffee Roasters, located in Santa Rosa Beach Florida.