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Tips on coordinating our Women’s Clothing with our Dog Bandanas

Tips on coordinating our Women’s Clothing with our Dog Bandanas
Picture this:  It’s a beautiful sunny day and you have fun plans that include your favorite pup. You picked out the cutest outfit to wear for an Instagram picture, and to top it off your pup is wearing a coordinating bandana. 
Now, you have the CUTEST picture for social media that people can’t resist double tapping. 
If you’re a little lost on deciding what clothes to pair with what bandana, then follow these easy styling guidelines for the ultimate dog mom look. 

Check out our Match Your Pup Page: https://tailsuppup.com/pages/match-your-pup
Different patterns, same color scheme
Patterns can be tricky for coordination, but that’s where coloring plays a role. The Josephine Balloon Sleeve Blouse is a cream colored top with tan dots all over. The Star Dust Dog Bandana has the same tan color hue, and compliments the tops detailing when pictured next to each other. 
Find your favorite color in a dog bandana
The olive green color in the Garden Party Dog Bandana is so gorgeous, but it hardly stands out on it’s own. Next to the Margo Cropped Peplum Top the beautiful shade of green can’t be ignored. 
Neutrals pairs well with everything
You can’t go wrong with a cream top, because anything will pair well with it! The Camille V-Neck Bell Sleeve Top would like great with a lot of our bandana patterns. The shades of green in the Irish Plaid Dog Bandana look fabulous next to each other. 

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