Answers To Common Questions About The TUPscription Box

Answers To Common Questions About The TUPscription Box

Answers To Common Questions About The TUPscription Box

Deciding to start a subscription takes a lot of commitment. You have to decide if the monthly payment fits your budget, or if the subscription is worth it. Every ultimate dog mom’s top priority is to bring their favorite pup all the happiness and love they deserve. With the TUPscription box showing your dog love becomes easy. 

If you’re still having hesitations, here are answers to common questions on our monthly subscription box that will help ease your mind, and make you feel ready to commit. 

How much is it? 

The standard TUPscription box is $45 monthly. This payment goes toward a variety of dog treats, toys, and a customized dog bandana. You can choose between a slip-on or tie-on dog bandana. If you choose tie-on the price will be $56. 

Do I have to pay for shipping? 

No! Shipping for boxes is completely free for the USA lower 48. However, charges will apply for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

When do I get charged every month? 

Ultimately you get to decide! Your bill date will depend on your sign up date. The day you sign up for your monthly subscription you will be charged for your first box. Thereafter, you will be charged on that same day every month. 

What if I want to cancel? 

Although we would hate to see you go, we understand that sometimes life throws you curveballs. So, our TUPscribers are able to cancel at any time. We do require a 30 day notice for cancellations, but some exceptions may apply where you can cancel sooner. 

What if I have more than one dog? 

No need to worry. We have a box for TWO puppers. Our TUPscription box for Two comes with all of the same items as the standard box, but you get to add an additional bandana. 

When will I get my box? 

A new month means new happy mail! We ship all of our subscriptions out on the 1st of every month. 

Do I get to pick what’s inside?  

We don’t want you to stress! We do the work for you. All of our boxes have a fun and unique theme. We love to help you pick out the best treats, toys, and exclusive handmade dog bandanas for your pup. 

What if I need to change my dog’s bandana size over time? 

Not a problem! Once you become a TUPscriber, you have access to your TUPscription profile. You can make changes to your billing information, address, or update your pup’s size. If you do have any trouble, we are just one email away to help you with any trouble shooting.