How To Keep Your Bandana Collection Organized

How To Keep Your Bandana Collection Organized

How To Keep Your Bandana Collection Organized


There’s no such thing as TOO many bandanas, especially for the best doggos. Just like we humans need a place for our wardrobe, so do our pups! The question is: how do you store dog bandanas? Some of our die hard customers have shared creative ways that they organize their bandana collection. 

Here are three ways to keep your bandanas in order: 

Create a closet



Give your dog its own personal closet! JJ’s mom (@jjthepitbull48) created a stand alone closet just for her pup. It has a rack to hang bandanas on, and she used pant hangers to secure the bandanas. This keeps them organized and makes it easy to find whatever bandana JJ wants to wear that day.

Make them wall decor


If you don’t have any room for your dog to have a closet, then make a fun clothing line for your pup’s bandanas! Elliot and Izzy’s mom (@therufflifeof_izzy_and_elliot) used command hooks on her wall, and used clothespins to attach the bandanas. This doubles as fun and creative wall art.

Build your own dog station


Your dog obviously needs a place to eat and drink everyday, but why not add all their fun accessories here? Finn’s mom (@lifeisbetterwithfinn) installed a shelf with a clothing rack above the food bowls. She used curtain hooks to secure her bandanas, making it easy for Finn to put on a new bandana before heading out the door.

Whether you have one bandana or dozens, it’s always good to stay organized. Keeping your dog’s bandanas in a designated spot will help them stay clean and wrinkle free for a longer wear lifespan!