2022: A Year In Review At Tails Up, Pup

2022: A Year In Review At Tails Up, Pup

2022: A Year In Review At Tails Up, Pup

That’s a wrap for 2022. Another year is officially in the books. Our family here at Tails Up, Pup is so grateful for another year full of growth, adventures, and new members to add to our dog mom community.

As a small handmade business, we are so thankful to continue to grow each year. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our Tails Up, Pup community. 

Before we say goodbye to 2022, let’s take a look back on all of our big moments and accomplishments: 


We made almost 15k dog bandanas this year

Dog Bandanas

For those of you who have been around since the beginning, you know that Tails Up, Pup started out as just a dog bandana company. Over the course of 4 years, we have made A LOT of bandanas. Every dog bandana is handmade in our warehouse in Marietta, GA. We cut the fabric, sew it, clean it up, press it, and turn it into a fun accessory for your favorite pup. This year, we made 13,482 dog bandanas. The most we’ve ever made in a year.

Our Top Selling Products of 2022

Top Selling Products

Tails Up, Pup is no longer just a dog bandana company. For about 2 years, we have added women’s boutique clothing and embroidered apparel as part of our main products. We are now a dog mom boutique meant to serve both you and your pup. In 2022, our top selling product was our Hello Pumpkin Embroidered Top. We sold over 400 sweatshirts! Our runner up was our staple dog bandana, the Birthday Sprinkle Dog Bandana and our Dog Mom w/ Dog Names Embroidered Crew Neck.

We shipped to all 50 states


In 2022, we shipped thousands of orders. We made sure we were always keeping our mailman Danny’s truck full! This year we shipped to all 50 states + Puerto Rico, and Canada. The top 3  states that we shipped to the most in 2022 were Texas, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. 

Launched a subscription box

Subscription box

In February we launched our first ever dog subscription box known as our TUPscription Box. This idea started about a year ago. We started create dog & me boxes and sold them as a one-time purchase. We quickly learned that many of you loved our original box themes and enjoyed  receiving a box for their pup once a month. To this date, we’ve shipped over 1,000 boxes and have 130 TUPscribers. Every month we have a new theme with exclusive products inside every box. Each TUPscriber receives a toy, treats, and exclusive dog bandana once a month. We even have options for customers interested in only receiving a dog bandana and dog mom’s with two fur-children.

Served nearly 300 new TUPscribers

300 New TUPscribers

In 2022, we had a total of 227 subscribers within the year. As time went on, some people stayed and some people had to go. To this date, we have 139 TUPscribers. We hope to continue to have this number grow, so every good doggo receives healthy treats, interactive toys, and exclusive dog bandanas as happy mail every month.

Happy Golden Beans launched 

Happy Golden Beans
In November, we embarked on a new adventure with our friend Erin from Happy Golden Paws. We created a new coffee brand for dog lovers to stay energized, motivated, and happy through every carefully brewed cup. Happy Golden Beans has three coffee roasts; light, medium, and dark. The coffee is a Certified Fair Trade and USDA Organic coffee that’s roasted in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida by Amavida Coffee.

Created first exclusive dog bandana patterns

Bandana patterns
This summer, we partnered with Callie Danielle Designs to create exclusive bandana patterns. We worked with this artist to create unique and one of a kind designs for several seasons including summer, fall, and Christmas. Tails Up, Pup also collaborated with other artists that helped make our design and ideas come to life for exclusive Christmas patterns.
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