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Size Guide

XS 0-2 32”-34” 24”-26” 34”-36”
S 2-4 34”-36” 27”-30” 36”-38”
M 6-8 37”-38” 28”-30” 38”-39”
L 10-12 39”-40” 31”-32 40”-41”
XL 12 42”-43" 35”-36” 44”-45.5”
1X 14-16 44"-45" 37"-38" 46"-47"
2X 18-20 46"-47" 39-40" 48"-49"
3X 22 48"-49" 41"-42" 49"-50"
This size guide serves as a general guideline for helping you find your size. Exact measurements may vary with each style.


Why Subscribe?

Life is busy. Slam packed with your career, chores around the house, and social outings with friends. Sometimes it’s hard to give your pup the quality time they deserve, or show them how much you love them. With our new monthly dog box subscription, you won’t have to set reminders to treat your pup!

What's Inside?

Our fun and unique themed boxes have all the things your dog loves, and it's a surprise! Inside you'll find a variety of: 

  • Durable & fun toy
  • One exclusive bandana pattern with personalization 
Bandana Options! 
  • Slip- On: This bandana has the same pattern on both the back and the front of the bandana and can be worn by slipping your dog's collar through the opening between the back and front of the bandana, then clipping the collar around your pup's neck. Slip-ons require a collar and cannot be tied around your dog's neck.
  • Tie-On: This bandana has a patterned front side and a coordinating solid-colored back side and should be tied loosely around your pup's neck. The bandana is not too tight if you can place two fingers between the bandana and your dog's neck and easily slide them back and forth.

Refer to the size guide above to determine the appropriate sizing for your pet.

Add Ons!

With your monthly subscription, you have VIP access to our password protected Add On page that includes exclusive human and dog items. Once you subscribe you get full access to shop! 

Have Two Dogs? 

If you have two pups in your life, check out the The TUPscription Box! (for TWO dogs)

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