Introducing Our New Podcast: Life Unleashed With Tails Up, Pup

Introducing Our New Podcast: Life Unleashed With Tails Up, Pup

Introducing Our New Podcast: Life Unleashed With Tails Up, Pup

Follow and listen to our podcast on Spotify or Apple music and watch full episodes on YouTube. 

Attention fellow dog moms and dads: we have a new podcast that might be the weekly pick-me-up you've been looking for.

We just launched our new podcast, Life Unleash With Tails Up, Pup. Dani and Nick host new episodes every Thursday and discuss topics ranging from the latest pet trends to life advice segments. 

Imagine chatting with your best friend about everything dog-related, from training tips to hilarious mishaps and heartwarming moments. Well, that's exactly what we're bringing to your ears!

Here's the scoop on what you can expect:

  1. Expert Paw-sights: We'll be inviting dog trainers, veterinarians, and other small business owners in the pet world to drop knowledge bombs on you. Get ready to discover the best ways to keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

  2. Tales That Tug on Your Heartstrings: We'll be sharing incredible stories that showcase the indescribable bond between humans and their furry companions. Prepare for some serious feels!

  3. Belly-Laugh Moments: We firmly believe that a good laugh is the cure for anything. We'll be serving up side-splitting stories about the day-to-day life at TUP headquarters. Get ready to be a part of the Tails Up, Pup teams every day life. 

  4. Our Dog-Loving Community: We're all part of this wild and wacky dog-parent journey, and we want you to join our pack! Connect with fellow dog moms and dads, ask questions, and share your own stories. It's like a virtual dog park for your ears!

Join the Paw-ty!

So, are you ready to jump into this doggone awesome adventure with us? Life Unleashed is your go-to source for all things dog, and we're doing it with plenty of fun, laughs, and heart. Whether you're a seasoned dog parent or just starting on this ourney, we've got something for everyone.

Follow and listen to our podcast on Spotify or Apple music and watch full episodes on YouTube.