Small Business Mayhem

Small Business Mayhem

Small Business Mayhem

Join us this month as we share just how small businesses make such a big impact on society & celebrate with us at the end of this month with a new small business supporting holiday!


Did you know Small Businesses make up 99.9% of businesses in the US? That deserves more than just one celebration a year!
We decided to create a whole month surrounding around supporting small businesses... so, welcome to SMALL BUSINESS MAYHEM! 

& the best part?! Shoppers will get to experience a MAYHEM sale at the end of the month! We are encouraging participants to launch an exclusive sale May 24-27 to thank everyone for making May such an incredible month of small business love.

In a world where big box retailers and online giants dominate the shopping landscape, the charm, quality, and uniqueness of small businesses often go unnoticed. Small Business MAYhem was born from a simple yet powerful idea: to shine a spotlight on small businesses during the times they need it most.

Spring and early summer represent challenging times for many small enterprises. Our initiative seeks to bridge this seasonal gap, transforming what is traditionally a slow period into a vibrant opportunity for growth and community engagement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the sustainability of small businesses through advocacy, education, and promotion. We believe in celebrating the diversity and creativity of small enterprises all year round, particularly during the less bustling months.

We aim to:

  • Boost Visibility: Enhance exposure for small businesses through our dedicated platform and cross-promotional activities.
  • Foster Community: Build a network of small business owners that thrives on mutual support and collaboration.
  • Encourage Conscious Consumerism: Educate consumers on the benefits of shopping small and the positive impact it has on local economies and communities.

Why May?

This month, positioned away from major holiday shopping seasons, represents a time when small businesses can truly shine. It’s an opportunity to discover new favorites, revisit tried and true brands, and celebrate the artistry and hard work behind each small business.

Join the Movement

Whether you’re a small business owner eager to boost your visibility, a shopper ready to explore new options, or a community leader looking to support economic diversity, Small Business MAYhem offers something for everyone. Join us as we transform the slow season into a season of opportunity and growth.

How Does It Work?

Joining Small Business MAYhem is simple:

  1. Sign Up: Fill out our online application form. 
  2. Get Featured: Once approved, we’ll create a profile for your business on our site. You’ll also receive a media kit to help you promote the initiative and your participation.
  3. Engage: Share your involvement in Small Business MAYhem through your marketing channels. Use the provided hashtags and graphics from your media kit to enhance reach.
  4. Collaborate and Grow: Participate in exclusive networking events, collaborative promotions, and community-building activities that help all members thrive.